Il Puro


Technique and Rurality in Organic Area is the certified base of Agricola Villa Lupara which is also recognized as an Eco-Sustainable company. This philosophy has led to this research project on the study of chemical and physical structure of the grape and its nutritional properties, called: “WINE WITHOUT SULFITES”.

The project started in 2006 and led to the birth of the wines “Il Puro Black and Il Puro White”.

These wines are made from organic grapes, vinified with skilled and innovative winemaking techniques, which guarantee – among other things – the complete absence of sulfites in all processing stages. Due to the fermentations at controlled temperatures, the particular geometry design of the containers (fermentini) and the perfect control of oxygen during fermentation, we are able to extract and preserve everything nature gave to this high-value healthy fruit.

Following this methodology, we are able to produce a wine without sulfites, which lasts over time, preserving the typical aromas and flavors of the grape and its region of origin.

il puro


IGP Colli di Salerno Red Wine
100% merlot

“il Puro Black”, created in 2006, is our first born,  as such we are proud of
being able to create a dream by transforming our passion for well-being into a naturalwine that maintains still today young its features.
The last bottles of this first vintage, are witnessing the long-life stability of
our natural wines although produced without sulfites.
In 2017, after years of production tests, we finally managed to give life to
our first red obtained by spontaneous fermentation.

il puro


IGP Colli di Salerno
Sparkling red wine
100% merlot

Dirty in English means dirty, and is indeed a label created to dress wines that in the
past have been the subject of non-filtering tests.
In 2017 it has become a witness to the sparkling red wine that has not turned out
and left on the lees.

This wine has continuedits natural settling processin the bottle, and today you
can enjoy the scents and tastes a little on generis and very genuine.

It is recommended to decant the wine before serving.

il puro


IGP Colli di Salerno
100% aglianico

In 2014 we was also had the production of the first hectolitres of red singlevariety “il Puro Aglianico”.

The introduction of French oak barrels and a patient ageing enabled us to boast
a highly structured and complex wine that wants to live in time.

il puro


IGP Colli di Salerno
100% falanghina

In 2008, full of our excellent results achieved, we decided to apply our production
system also to white grapes creating “il Puro White”.

We have thus obtained a wine produced in complete anaerobiosis without any
filtering, characterised by a slow oxidative degradation process, and then a
continuous evolution in time and great longevity.

In 2014, the desire for a completely natural wine led to the first vintage of
white wine obtained from spontaneous fermentation.

il puro


IGP Colli di Salerno
100% falanghina

In 2015 testing a new protocol of vinification and the particular degree of maturation of the grapes gave birth to the “il Puro Falanghina” a natural white created after a long fermentation.

il puro


IGP Colli di Salerno
Sparkling rosé
100% merlot

In 2015 in anticipation of an abundant harvest and after a massive bloodletting in the vineyard and a fermentation “in white” of Merlot, the idea of the creation of “il Puro Curly” becomes reality.

Using the white must as “liquer de tirage” in the bottling stage we managed to get a second fermentation in the bottle and after a few months of waiting we obtained a classic method sparkling wine really nice on the palate.


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