About Us

“We always dreamed of a place we would one day
live in with our children, a place accommodating all the little things
from long ago that are wholesome and genuine…
Where time could breathe the freedom to express itself
in all its fruitful candour”

villa lupara

about us

The sinuous shape of a heart opening towards the Gulf of Salerno, framing the Amalfi coast, catches the eye. Villa Lupara is a rustic farmland from the 1800s that lies on a hill 400 m above the sea, paying homage to the natural splendour surrounding it, bringing forth the kind of organic farming where nothing is left to chance.

Rural nature has merged with technique, and innovation and ingenuity were combined with passion and the love of nature, creating an eco-sustainable and innovative place geared towards a future of growth and continuous improvement, in order to guarantee quality and tradition. Agricola Villa Lupara aims to bring relaxation to life through absolute comfort and respect of the environment, taking care of its clients by making them feel at home.


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Agricola Villa Lupara Srl
Socetà Agricola
Via Fossa Lupara 12, 84125
Località Croce (Salerno)

P. Iva 04046110658

+39 089 228798