Flavours and Aromas

flavours and aromas


The soil dedicated to the grapes frames the Villa, starting from the parking lot, reaching the woods and going down the large valley towards the sea. The Vineyard is the beating heart of the entire premises, cultivated parsimoniously and with love following ICEA certified organic methods. It is the father of “Il Puro” wine, a true delicacy for Bacchus and a real innovation for the wine industry.

flavours and aromas

vegetable garden

The organic crops of Villa Lupara’s Agritourism can already be noticed from the parking lot. In fact, we are greeted by an olive tree over one thousand years old, and in the background of the Gulf of Salerno, citrus trees typical of the Amalfi area. Upon strolling under vines, discovering blueberries, figs and lots of bay leaves, we reach the Villa’s agora where the seasonal vegetables hide between olive trees and fresh herbs, sporadically emerging among flowers and hedges. In the actual vegetable garden we are able to find traditional agricultural crops such as San Marzano and Corbarino tomato plants. In the fruit orchards, in addition to the typical Amalfi citrus, we find apricots, cherries, black cherries, wild prunes, strawberries and walnuts with which the workshops are organized. In a pristine and pure place, where it feels like being light years away from the world we are used to living in, well-being and the natural beauty of things become the two cardinal rules. This is why organic farming is one of the fundamentals of the Villa, which offers a light, traditional and high quality cuisine, mainly using 0 carbon foot-print and/or organic products.

flavours and aromas

House products

House Products

All the jams found in supermarkets containing at least 45% of fruit will have the word “extra” written in the label, while our jams contain 95% of fruit.
Apricot jam
This jam’s flavour is enhanced when paired with desserts or chocolate, and it is also excellent when mixed with yogurt, poured over ice cream and used on cakes and biscuits.
Figs jam
In addition to bread or as an ingredient in desserts, it is also delicious when combined with herb cheeses and cured spicy cheeses. This figs jam is quite gourmet when served with mouldy goat cheeses.
Strawberry jam
Ideal for breakfast and when paired with sweet cheeses or ricotta based desserts; it is excellent when mixed with yogurt or poured over ice cream.
Red grape jam
With wine as well as a bread spread, or as an ingredient in desserts, it is excellent when paired with cheeses.

Vegetables in oil
Our vegetables in oil are a product of the union between passion and parsimony. An example are the tomatoes, which are sundried as per tradition and turned over three times a day for at least five days. The true master of this delicacy is the owner who is dedicated to enlivening the five senses of guests, starting from taste and ending with sight. Other vegetables in oil produced by the Villa include eggplants, artichokes and Taggiasche olives, which make the Caponata a dish to be reckoned with.


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