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The parlour situated at the core of the premises is pure excellence; decorated with taste and simplicity, welcoming anyone who wishes to completely relax while sipping a glass of wine, reading a good book or chatting with friends. The detail that stands out above all else and gives the environment a touch of class is the majestic fireplace, designed from the remains of an old copper boiler. The Hall is available to everyone and it is so welcoming you will feel right at home.

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The old lilac covered stable puts the good in morning, welcoming its guests and promoting a great way to awaken. The breakfast buffet is traditionally Italian, enriched by homemade cakes and jams.

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The greenhouse is a small “do-it-yourself” architectural work of art it was designed by the owner of the Villa and it serves as a garden during wintertime where dining may take place. It feels like being under the stars, where you can admire the scenery between the mountains and the splendour of a starry painted sky thanks to its glass walls. When it rains outside the spectacle is even more breath-taking: the water flows without soaking you, as thrilling as being out in the rain.


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